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a) A candidate shall be declared as passed a course, provided he/she secures-

i) At least 30% marks in each course in the end semester examinations.

ii) At least 30% marks in each course in aggregate in the in-semester and end semester examination.

b) A candidate shall be declared as passed a semester, provided he/ she passes all the courses of a semester independently.

c) The marks of in semester examination obtained by the candidate be carried over for declaring any result.

(d) A candidate who fails or does not appear in one or more subject/paper of any end semester examination up to sixth Semester shall be provisionally promoted to the next higher semester with the failed course as carry over course. Such candidates will be eligible to appear in the next regular examination of those subject/papers , However ,the following restriction shall be applicable.

i) A candidate shall be entitled to a maximum of three chances to clear a course.

ii) If a candidate clears the sixth semester examination before clearing all the courses of the previous semester,the result of the sixth semester examination of that candidate shall be withheld and his/her results shall be announced only after he/ she clear the courses of the previous semester.

e) A student must pass all his /her semester examinations within Five(5) Years from the date of admission to the First Semester of any programme.

f) Since the Semester system involves continuous assessment ,there shall be no scope for a student to appear as a private candidate in any programme in this system.

g) A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Six Semester Degree B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com programme provided he/she has passed all the Semester and in all the Courses separately.

h)The degree shall be offered to each candidate ,who has passed the Six Semester Degree B.A/ B.Sc. /B.Com programme in the following manner.

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